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Solution: We wanted to honor both our families and our love for each other, but being that each religion and family background were similar but not so similar, we didn’t know how to bring the two together.  We wanted to have both traditional

Jewish and Christian wedding on the same day.  Joy coordinated our wedding to include a Rabbi and a Pastor in our ceremony and our reception entailed Jewish and Christian customs.  Our wedding was unique to us becuase we got exactly what we wanted.

Results: Both of our families were honored and pleased with the fusing of our religions and customs. My Nana felt great pride and joy knowing that I respected our family and religion and Robert’s mother was touched. We had a blast! We heard for months how special and touching our wedding was and that made our day more special than it had already been to both of us.


 We lived in two different continents. Our family spanned over 4 continents, and we were from two different cultural and religious background. What an interesting wedding this would be. We contacted Joy and her team and they executed everything we needed done. We visited the hotel in Barbados once before the wedding. We had been to Barbados for our first vacation together and fell in love with the island. So when we decided on a destination wedding, the only place that we thought of was Barbados. Our wedding was about all our first. Robert and I are very sentimental and we wanted to incorporate our first prior to us meeting and our first since we have been together. Not only was our day about sentimentality but about the fusing of our Christian and Jewish background.